“Learn The Truth About the Law of Attraction Directly from Bob Doyle of The Secret!”

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  • “What is the Law of Attraction REALLY? Does it even exist?”

  • “How can I POSSIBLY stay positive all the time?”

  • “What about all the negative situations and people around me?”

  • “How quickly can I attract something?”

  • “Is it all about money, or can I attract other things?”

  • “Why does it seem to work sometimes, but not others?”

  • “Why can I attract “small things” but not the bigger ones?”

  • “Can understanding the LOA help my health…or help me create an amazing relationship?”
  • I’ll Get Right to the Point…

    Since 2002, our Wealth Beyond Reason program has been answering these and other Law of Attraction questions for thousands of people who have made the decision to live their lives by design, and realize their most passionate goals.


    Here’s what you can expect after going through the Wealth Beyond Reason program:

  • A full practical understanding of the Law of Attraction. No oversimplifications, and no “leaps of faith” necessary. You’ll learn the Energetic nature of the Universe and exactly HOW the Law of Attraction works, and a knowledge of how to work in concert with the LOA to create the life you desire.
  • You’ll learn to rid yourself of limiting and negative thoughts and beliefs…and you’ll learn exactly why this is so critical if you hope to get ANY results working with the Law of Attraction.
  • You’ll have dozens of enlightening “ah-ha!” moments as you immerse yourself in the step by step curriculum which features audio, video, and text to create an interesting learning environment. You’ll hear from a panel of experts in the work of “living life by design” (see below for a partial list!)
  • You’ll have a whole collection of powerful tools to activate the attraction process…some of which you’ve never heard of anywhere else, because they are our own – based on years of working with countless approaches.

  • You’ll understand how to tap into your sense of passion and do only those things you love, and attract all the abundance you desire!


  • Most importantly, you’ll awaken your natural ability to manifest (or more scientifically, “cohere” – more on that in the program) whatever you’d like in your life!


    Our program succeeds because we don’t spend a minute in any kind of “woo woo” conversation, nor do we ask you to take any blind leaps of faith. Our curriculum is designed in such as way that you’ll gain a logical understanding of every concept and principle so that moving forward and seeing results is fun and easy.

    So What, Exactly, Are we Providing to You?

    Wealth Beyond Reason Package The Wealth Beyond Reason program is widely regarded as the most complete, the most easy-to-follow, most practical, and far and away the most value-packed curriculum on the Law of Attraction available on the Internet, and possibly anywhere!


    We choose the Internet as our means of delivery because through this incredible technology, we are able to update you with new material and information at a moments notice. Whenever we find something that we know will benefit you, we add it to the program and let you know about it.



    Wealth Beyond Reason is an ever-growing, rapidly evolving, and highly dynamic course – filled with exciting educational opportunities, and a community of students who are actually out there LIVING these principles…



    …not just talking about them.

    We consider this the education you should have received all along. For if we had learned about the Law of Attraction as kids – if we had been allowed and encouraged to follow our passions and bliss, what different world it would be!


    I’ll be honest. There is a LOT of material in this course. Including some bonus items, we have 10 textbooks which make up your core curriculum. Now, there’s no requirement that you read ALL of them, but you’ll most likely want to!



    In addition to the text, there are structured Audio Lectures that guide you through the course material which consists not only of the textbooks, but hours of subject-specific follow-up seminars, expert interviews, and Law of Attraction tools such as audio meditation files that are specifically designed to tweak your “wealth consciousness” and clear the path for…



    …the abundance you desire…in ANY area of Life!


    The following is a partial list of what you will receive as part of this program.



    But keep in mind that the true power of this program is that along with receiving a world-class education in the Law of Attraction, you are put into Inspired ACTION with what you’re learning!



    This is the difference between “knowing a lot about this stuff” and actually seeing results with it!



    There are many other resources included that are NOT listed here, and we are continually adding to our library of content:




    What You Get

    When you realize everything you’re receiving, the price will astound you!

    Box ShotStep-by-Step Systematic Approach

    Our proprietary curriculum delivery system acts as your personal coach, guiding you through the process from beginning to end.



    You are presented with concepts and assignments in a logical order, each one building on the one before it.



    The problem with a lot of Law of Attraction material is that they assume that you’re just going to immediately embrace the principles as truth and that what you need is techniques.



    Well success with the Law of Attraction is about more than just “techniques”, and techniques by themselves often don’t work because people don’t have a basic understanding of WHY they should work – and that uncertainty causes resistance that prevents the techniques from working (and you’ll understand why that’s true as you go through the program.



    We are committed to building a solid foundation so that you never have to take any “leaps of faith” in terms of understanding the truth of these principles.


    We use text, audio, and video to give you an engaging multimedia educational experience that results in success!


    Why not take a peek under the covers and see how the program works? This demonstration is taken directly from the program. Just click below to see the program in action!




    The Most Complete Law of Attraction Textbook Collection Ever Offered!

    Your curriculum consists of 7 textbooks (all in the digital format for INSTANT delivery). While you may recognize a couple of these titles as time-honored classics, there are a few books that are so new and so revolutionary, that you’ll be among the first to benefit from their powerful wisdom.



    Buying these books separately could easily cost you a couple of hundred dollars. But even THAT would be a bargain! (If you went to college and ever paid $100 for ONE BOOK, you know what I mean!) Here’s a list of the books included:


  • “Wealth Beyond Reason” by Bob Doyle – This book gives you a complete and thorough overview of the material that is detailed in the rest of the textbook library. Find out how the Law of Attraction has brought you everything in your experience, and how to change what you don’t particularly like! You’ll learn literally everything you need to know to begin attracting more of what you want in your life.
  • “A Happy Pocket Full of Money” by David Cameron – Originally, this was the only book we were going to offer. It’s the closest thing to a “magic book” I’ve ever seen. A Wizards Handbook! But all scientific. Even the most skeptical people will be fully satisfied!


    After reading it, I felt so fully educated – so enlightened and awakened – I couldn’t imagine that I would ever have to read another work on the subject of wealth again! (However, I eventually realized that to speed up the process of acquiring Wealth Consciousness, a total saturation of these concepts from a variety of sources was beneficial…which is why we continued our search, and found the other material listed here!).

  • “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace Wattles – This 1910 classic holds truths that apply today, just as they have for thousands of years. This is not “theoretical” stuff. It’s practical step-by-step information on the attainment of wealth. Short, sweet, and to the point.


  • “Raising Humans” by David Cameron – What “A Happy Pocket full of Money” does for Wealth, “Raising Humans” does for LIFE. Raising Humans dives deeply into the very construction and interconnectedness of our species and the universe as a whole, and explains how we can use this information to master our financial, relationship and health issues.


    It explains, scientifically and spiritually, how we as humans are made up of seven energy centers, each of which is responsible for very specific aspects of our body and lives.


    It shows how these energy centers interact with the world around us, causing the events and situations we experience and the people we come across.

    Best of all, it explains how our growth occurs, how it enhances or blocks these centers, how these blockages cause the failures and sufferings we sometimes experience, and how we can unblock ourselves and live wholesome, empowered lives. This work even includes Kahlil Gibran’s classic work, “The Prophet”!


  • “The Everyday 12-Point Lifesaver” by David Cameron. The title says it all. This concise work takes the main points of “A Happy Pocket Full of Money” and gives them to you in a format you can read every day to help you fully integrate the concepts. Once you read “Happy Pocket”, this “Lifesaver” is a daily affirmation that will absolutely grow your wealth consciousness!

  • “Spiritual Marketing” by Joe Vitale – It makes no difference whether your profession is marketing…or if you even have a profession! This information is GOLD.


    If you have a business, this information will immediately show you how to skyrocket your success…not with common “marketing techniques”, but by using the principles of “Wealth Consciousness” to attract the business you want. The principles apply outside of the business environment as well!


  • “The Wealth Beyond Reason Daily Manifestation Guide” - I’m often asked, “What can I do EVERY DAY to make sure I’m doing the right thing to successfully attract what I want?”

    This handly “checklist” assures that you stay on track!

  • Beyond the Basics:

    Learn Effortlessly through our included Audio Seminars

    In addition to the textbooks, you’ll receive a library of audio seminars (like the lectures you paid thousands for in college to help you get that job you’re so dissatisfied with…only THESE lectures will cause you to thrive doing what you are actually put on this planet to do!).


    It’s the equivalent of a stack of CDs!

    These seminars dig into the practical application of the principles you’ll learn in your reading material. After all, it’s one thing to understand a concept on an intellectual level, but when you go to apply them in the “real world”, your whole life’s worth of experience is going to be confronting you every step of the way.

    These seminars will guide you through these “slowdowns” involved with dealing with the “real world”. Any ONE of these seminars could provide you with the huge”AH-HA!” moment that…

    …you’ve been looking for your whole life!

    All audio is available as MP3 downloads to burn to CD or transfer to a portable MP3 player!


    Learn the SCIENCE behind the Law of Attraction

    Although the textbooks do an amazing job of showing you that these principles are based in science, we’ve recently added a full 90-minute webinar with phsyicist Dr. Travis S. Taylor who will give you a mind-blowing education into how this all is really working at a Quantum Level.


    You’ll never have to doubt that this is all the real deal again!


    Hear Directly from the Experts!


    Law of Attraction ExpertsYou’re not just hearing from me! We also bring guest lecturers into our “virtual classroom” in the form of long-form interviews with experts in the field of the Law of Attraction, many of them specializing in certain areas such as abundance, relationships, and energy healing techniques.


    Experts include :


    • Anisa Aven
    • John Assaraf
    • Brad Swift
    • Brad Yates
    • Carol Look
    • David Cameron Gikandi
    • Elaina McMillan
    • Ghalil
    • Heather Picken
    • James Arthur Ray
    • Joe Vitale
    • Stuart Lichtman
    • Marci Shimoff
    • Mareline Thornton
    • Michael Losier
    • Rich German
    • Richard Ross
    • Ron Matthews
    • Sandy Forster
    • Tom Pauley
    • …and more

    All of this audio is just a click away and delivered via streaming technology, so there are no large downloads, though full-length MP3 files of ALL the content is available for your portable audio devices. Even if you’re connected to the Internet with a dial-up connection, you can immediately utilize the information in this program! How much money have you spent in the past on one or two seminars, or a recording of an audio interview with an expert?


    Depending on your devotion to self-improvement, you might have easily spent hundreds of dollars, or even thousands, if you actually go and ATTEND a live event! The “Wealth Beyond Reason” program makes travel unnecessary! We bring the seminars to YOU with a simple mouse-click!


    15 Hours of recorded teleseminars!


    We give you multiple chances to experience interaction with our various coaches and other experts through our recorded teleseminars.


    In these teleseminars we work you through the process of:


    • Getting you clear on your desires and passions
    • Implementing methods to really “turn on the magnet”
    • Completely eliminating the “blocks” that have stopped your short of your goals in the past. This includes limiting beliefs and other negative emotions that affect your abilty attract consistently
    • Dealing with the really “tough” issues like relationships, career changes, etc.


    Cutting-Edge Mind Expansion Tools!

    The Wealth Consciousness Meditation
    The Experiential Meditation


    We’ve also included two incredibly powerful visualization tools that go far beyond simply allowing you to form images in your mind!


    Utilizing a combination of brainwave synchronization technology, and carefully crafted scripts (no subliminal messages are used), we literally generate the all-important FEELING of…


    …having everything you desire!


    This FEELING is what turns on your Energetic Magnet! These audio files, in the form of pleasant and relaxing meditations, can prove to be priceless if used regularly and with intention! Other companies sell a product similar to the Experiential Meditation for $97 alone!




    And Even More:


    All of the above material alone will keep you enthralled and inspired for a long time to come, but when you enroll from this web page, we want to give you even more! The following bonuses are standard with your enrollment!


    Bonus #1: “Discovery – A Young Person’s Guide to Growing Up Today” by Isabelle Sennery. This book is designed to introduce these incredible principles to children and teens in a way that they can understand and utilize.


    This book alone deserves it’s own web page, as the impact it will have on our future is unspeakable! You’ll receive this incredible book, PLUS hear an exclusive interview with the author. Our children don’t have to struggle like we did! They can learn NOW how to create lives they love!


    Bonus #2: The Boundless Living Atmosphere Environmental Sound Generator – Imagine clicking a button on your PC and suddenly being immersed in a completely customizable sound environment! Nature sounds, city sounds, the forest, the ocean, or any combination you can imagine!

    Now, imagine being able to put on a set of headphones, clicking another button, and generating brainwave synchronization tones that actually induce specific brain state! It’s the ultimate instant-meditation tool, and it’s yours free, as a Wealth Beyond Reason member! (PC only, Mac version forthcoming!) ($34.95 Value)


    Bonus #3: “The Greatest Money Making Secret In History!” – by Joe Vitale – This wonderful follow-up to Dr. Vitale’s “Spiritual Marketing” reveals an incredibly powerful secret as old as time itself, for increasing the flow of income into your life. You’ll be delighted! And it’s yours at no extra charge! (Retails at Amazon for $13.95)


    Bonus #4: “Sales and the Law of Attraction” – by Bob Doyle – This special report tells you exactly why you make sales, and why you don’t – and of course, provides what you need to know to attract precisely the customers you want, and that will buy! ($14.95 value)


    Bonus #5: “Create Your Own Reality Audio Series ” – by Bob Doyle – This program has been sold at another site for the past 2 years for $39.95 and gives you the basics of how to literally create your own reality using a special meditation technique! Now available as MP3 files, you have instant access to these files!


    Bonus #6: “Flightwaves Brainwave Synchronization Meditations ” – by Bob Doyle – This program is also available at another web site, but is included with your enrollment. These powerful “brainwave synchronization” audio files will induce the meditative state with NO effort on your part. High Quality MP3 downloads suitable for burning to CD-ROM.


    Bonus #7: “90-Minute Q&A with Bob Doyle ” – This is 90 minutes of my simply answering Law of Attraction questions from over 1200 people! As a full member, you can listen to, download, and print a transcript of this teleseminar!




    This entire program is delivered digitally and instantly to you via download, so you can get started RIGHT NOW, no matter what time of day it is, or where you are in the world. No waiting or shipping costs whatsoever!


    If you were to purchase similar resources to those found in our program from various sources on and off-line – not mention coaching – you’d literally be paying thousands of dollars…


    …But you won’t pay thousands, if you enroll now.


    Our Guarantee

    Use the Program for a Full 6 Months!

    100% Guarantee This is a program that allows you to get powerful results in your life. We have pages and pages of testimonials that attest to it’s power and value. Provided you take the program as outlined, you cannot avoid getting the results you’re looking for. It’s simply impossible. But that doesn’t mean you won’t have challenged.


    As mentioned, this is not just some Internet program. It’s a intensive look at your natural ability to shape your life any way you want. And, although I know this sounds blunt, it’s not a program for whiners. It’s for people who are absolutely committed to their own success, and regardless of their starting point, are ready to focus on a new vision and not stop until they achieve it.


    Teaching these principles and making a real difference is our PURPOSE, and we don’t take this mission lightly. If you are drawn to this program, we will ask that you apply yourself, as if you were paying for college tuition. We have no desire for you to just “glance it over” and ask for a refund without doing the work. Nobody gains any benefit from that.


    We have spent an enormous amount of time and energy putting this program together, and have all the evidence and testimonials we need to know that utilization of this material works, absolutely. Therefore, we do not grant refunds lightly, particularly because our program is 100% digitally delivered.


    We wish to work with only the most committed individuals who take responsibility for their lives and future and are ready for real results. This is NOT a program to enter into casually because you assume you can simply request a refund if you don’t “get around” to spending the time necessary to get results, like other programs on the Internet.


    Terms of our Guarantee


    If you have questions or issues regarding the material, we expect to hear from you and have an opportunity to work with you, or point you toward other helpful resources. We will do everything in our power to help you put this material to use, and get past any blocks that you might have.


    However, if you allow us to work with you, and still don’t get results, we’ll happily refund your purchase. However, we will discourage you from stopping yourself from getting results due to old patterns that have gotten you into the very situation you’re trying to change. We’re about results.


    We provide accountability. If you’re not TRULY ready to propel your life to the next level – if you’re not TRULY ready to do whatever it takes to get “unstuck” – then our program and our “involved” approach is not for you.



    We will only issue refunds when you can show us evidence that you have utilized the material and resources available, and still not seen the changes in your life you are looking for…because we know that if you DO use these resources, you WILL get your results, and asking for a refund will be the FARTHEST thing from your mind.


    But if you enter this program with intention, you’ll soon realize that you receive FAR more value than what you pay. And quickly. I hear it all the time, and really…it’s immediately obvious. But you’ll soon see that for yourself.


    So what’s the tuition?


    Only $347 – and that’s for EVERYTHING listed on this page. And, you get access to it immediately. Everything is delivered online, at your convenience.


    You can begin have significant breakthroughs by the end of the day if you go ahead and make this commitment to yourself right now.


    Or, you may register via PayPal:


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